Dell Vostro 230 Mini-Tower and Slim Tower

Dell has introduced two new compact desktop, designed for professional use: the Mini Tower and Slim Tower are part of your 230 series.

Your 230 Mini Tower can be configured by choosing from different hardware options, as is customary for Dell processors ranging from Intel Celeron up to Intel Core 2 Quad, RAM memory can go up to 4 GB DDR3 1.333 MHz, Storage can be up to 2 TB with 2 hard drives 1 TB. The graphics card you can choose between a G310 NVIDIA GeForce 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce GT220 and a 1 GB, is an optical drive DVD.

On the connectivity front, the Mini Tower is equipped with 6 USB ports, 1 VGA connector, DVI and HDMI 1 port, Ethernet port, audio connectors on input and output, 1 serial port, 2 PS / 2 keyboard and mouse player memory card, the wireless card is optional.

Your 230 Slim Tower has the same technical features of the Mini Tower, the only difference on the graphics card, which does not allow options to choose beyond the 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce G310. The real difference between the two desktop is in the design, as the Slim Tower shows even more compact dimensions of the Mini Tower, although it is upgradeable in terms of hardware the same way.

The price of the Dell Vostro 230 Slim Tower starts at $ 249, while that of your 230 Mini Tower starts at 199 euros. Entambi are already available on Dell’s Italian.

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