Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H Motherboard Review - AMD 890GX

Things have been rather quiet over at AMD when it comes to motherboard chipsets and platform changes as they haven't needed to update anything since no new processors or technologies have really come out in the past year or two. It is hard to imagine that the AMD 790FX and 790GX chipsets have been out for nearly two years now, but they have proven to be solid platforms for AMD users and didn't really need a change. That was the case up until today.

Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H 890GX Motherboard
AMD is getting ready to come out with the Phenom II X6 six-core processor and they have gone ahead and done a platform refresh of sorts that enhances support for future product and also brings new mainstream features to the market. The result of this is the introduction of ATI Radeon HD 4290 Graphics with the AMD 890GX chipset and a brand new southbridge called the SB850. baca selanjutnya....

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